We design, manufacture and service fluid filled electric motors and pumps for performance-critical applications across the global upstream oil and gas market, where reliability is crucial and the cost of lifetime ownership is key.

When you’re offshore you must be able to rely 100% on the technology that drives your operations, and with Hayward Tyler you can be confident you’re in safe hands. Our fluid-filled submersible motors and pumps have a pedigree stretching back more than 100 years, and in an increasingly challenging technical and regulatory arena we deliver the industry’s most reliable low maintenance, performance-critical power solutions whether your application is topside or subsea.












Motor application

Hayward Tyler leads the way in offshore submersible electric motor design, and the biggest benefits for our end users derive from our use of fluid-filled technology in preference to the conventional oil-based approach, giving higher power and higher performance, whilst requiring lower maintenance.


Our motors are integrated into mission and safety critical topside pump systems on a wide variety of assets worldwide, including semi-sub, jack-up, tension-leg, FPSO, and FLNG platforms. Hayward Tyler seawater lift motors and process pumps are designed to operate continuously, providing the cooling water needed for a variety of topside applications, while our firewater lift motors are configured for an instantaneous high-demand response capable of auto-starting during an emergency.


Capable of operating at depths up to 3,000m and at speeds of up to 6,000rpm, our high temperature, high pressure, fluid-filled subsea motors are all designed for a five-year service cycle and have proven operating spans of eight years or more between recoveries.

Key applications include seawater injection and use in multi-phase boosting pumps.


We also incorporate an array of other industry-leading features our engineering experts have developed. These all help drive efficiency, ensure reliability, and deliver low maintenance, a long lifespan, and a high ROI – however challenging the operating environment.

Unique jointing approach

Away_Lead_Joint_2Hayward Tyler is the only supplier to the offshore market offering motors with fully qualified high voltage injection moulded internal joints. A development that has had a dramatic impact on lifespan and has extended service intervals to a groundbreaking five-plus years. All our technology has been verified regularly over the past 20 years by a range of independent electrical certification bodies, including Electrical Research Association, PED and DNV.

Seawater protected

USB_Seal_Assembly_170A mechanical seal prevents seawater from entering our electric motors when they are immersed, maintaining their integrity whether or not the motor is actually in operation.

High protection

All our motors are designed to accommodate extreme pressure changes and are given maximum protection in even the harshest environments by a top-quality duplex or super duplex stainless steel shell.

Integrated cooling

Our motors are integrally cooled, eliminating the need for an auxiliary cooling system and further reducing the topside space requirement.

Reduced noise and vibration

When deployed topside, the pumps driven by our submersible motors only generate noise at levels below 80dB – from the movement of the fluid being pumped through deck level pipes – and the design is naturally damped to generate minimal vibration (2.8mm/s maximum).

Water/Glycol vs Oil

We generally use a water-glycol mix that allows our motors to operate for longer, at higher temperatures and at higher speeds, and in the unlikely event of seawater ingress, they continue to work, unlike oil-filled products which catastrophically fail. Our motors are also 100% safe in even the most sensitive of marine environments, and when used for topside applications they have a significantly smaller deck footprint than oil filled solutions.


  • Low viscosity

    = lower frictional losses, higher speeds

  • Run-with-leak capability

    = increased uptime

  • Cooler operation

    = longer motor life

  • Environmentally friendly

    = regulatory compliance, peace of mind

  • Small topside footprint

    = easier logistics

  • Lower weight

    = increased versatility


  • High viscosity

    = high frictional losses, especially at higher speeds and higher operating temperature = risk of increased corrosion

  • Seawater ingress

    = immediate catastrophic failure, environmental risk

  • Complex deployment

    = increased costs

  • Large topside footprint

    = pressure on space

  • Prohibited by many water authorities

    = fewer applications

Our motors are used by the world’s leading operators and integrators
including Aker, Eureka, GE Oil & Gas, FMC, Petronas, BP, Chevron & Statoil.


Statoil’s tough subsea specification

When Statoil and Aker Solutions needed a subsea electric motor that could survive for at least five years without maintenance, they came to Hayward Tyler.

Chevron’s topside challenge

Hayward Tyler designed and engineered three bespoke submersible motors for use on Chevron’s gravity-based structure in the challenging Hebron field, offshore Newfoundland.

The world’s most advanced deepwater submersible motor

Hayward Tyler is responsible for designing and engineering the world’s most advanced deepwater submersible motor capable of operating at depths as low as 3,000m.


Engineered solutions for the global energy sector.

Global reputation

For the past 200 years, Hayward Tyler has been meeting – and exceeding – client expectations and we have built a global reputation for industry-leading innovation, quality, and reliability.

We designed and built the world’s first electric submersible motor back in 1908 and ever since we have shown the way, developing world-beating fully-certified technology that now drives a wide range of performance-critical topside and subsea applications.

Trusted partner

Our high power, high voltage, water-glycol range is used for topside pumping and subsea applications worldwide and we are a preferred supplier to major upstream operators who recognise us for our unsurpassed experience and
engineering know-how.

We are the ‘go-to’ trusted partner for tough submersible power challenges and we work with operators and EPCs to develop next generation motor and pump solutions capable of operating at depths up to 3,000m, in the harshest,
most extreme and environmentally sensitive of marine environments.

Continuous improvement

We understand that you can never achieve reliability without quality, and we have an over-arching commitment to continuous improvement.

Our exceptional workforce, our state-of-the-art production line, and our fully flexible supply chain allows us to deliver the most complex projects anywhere in the world against an average 35-week lead-time and with an assured
40,000 hours Mean Time Between Maintenance (MTBM).

Centre of Excellence

We are creating the world’s most advanced Centre of Excellence for specialist motor manufacture, a cutting edge facility where our enhanced test capability and lean manufacturing processes will enable our next generation technology to be delivered with unrivalled quality assurance and even shorter lead times.









Into the future with our Centre of Excellence.

Our multi-million pound investment in the new Hayward Tyler Centre of Excellence is adding new facilities to our already extensive HQ in Luton as well as significant extra support for R&D and the training and development of our workforce.

Hayward Tyler already leads the way in innovative design, engineering and production processes across the energy sector – not just in upstream oil and gas, but also fossil, nuclear, and renewables – and we are committed to further enhancing the products and services we can offer.

For our clients, this means reduced lead times, even better certainty of supply, reliable project delivery, and top-level engineering support and analysis.

As part of this customer-centric quest for continuous improvement, we have achieved a Civil Nuclear Sharing in Growth award that is allowing us to up-skill our UK workforce to meet ‘Fit For Nuclear’ standards and this achievement will carry across into all that we do.

Our manufacturing centre is already certified to ISO 9001 and has been granted both ASME and nuclear accreditation, and we are the only UK provider of industry-specific hotbed testing.

Our expert knowledge, precision engineering and world-class manufacturing processes enable us to deliver unsurpassed product capabilities, reliability and performance.

Ewan Lloyd-Baker, Chief Executive,
Hayward Tyler Group plc

For further information on Hayward Tyler’s next generation of performance-critical motors for submersible and subsea applications please contact +44 (0)1582 731144 or complete the form below.